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Six Reasons Why Your Business Network Circle Isn’t Growing

Martin Okwanyo

Hey there!

Today I want to bring you some major value to help you with recruiting in your network marketing home business.

Are you tired of spending far too much time posting on FaceBook and getting hardly any engagement?

We’re about to get real up in here! Are ready for a couple truth bombs?

Here’s the deal…

If you want engagement on FaceBook, YOU NEED TO BE VISIBLE.

You need MORE eyeballs on your stuff! And you need FaceBook to actually show people that you have something for them to see.You need MORE eyeballs on your stuff! And you need FaceBook to actually show people that you have something for them to see. CLICK TO TWEET


I have 6 tips you can implement right now to become more visible and then I have a huge gift for you at the end, so stick around…

Tip #1 – Change Your Privacy Settings on FaceBook

CHANGE THE PRIVACY SETTINGS of your personal page from private to public. You limit your reach to only friends and family when you keep it private.  While you’re in there, make sure to turn on your Follow button.  You WANT people watching you, right?

Let’s think about this for just a minute. NO ONE ever hit 6 figures off of just recruiting & selling to their close friends & family. You have to get more eyeballs on your stuff!  Just pause right here and let that sink in for a minute.

When you first change the setting for your profile to be public, you’ll see it says your past posts will retain their existing privacy settings. Then going forward, you can make your posts public and then make certain posts more private if you’d like.

Tip #2 – 4 Ways to Generate FaceBook Engagement

ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE.  We can talk in more depth about the FaceBook algorithms another day, but the basic point here is that if you want people to engage with your posts (or even see them in the first place), you need to go out & engage with them. Here are a few quick tips on that…

  1. Comment on their posts – the more thoughtful the better. Use emojis or gifs and say more than just a word or two.
  2. Message people with no hidden agenda, just to build rapport & see how they’re doing
  3. Message people to tell them happy birthday.  Ninja TIP: Message them the day AFTER their birthday when things are less crazy and strike up a genuine conversation.
  4. Comment on people’s story posts – this sends a message right to their messenger and starts a conversation with them.

Tip #3 – Put Some Value Out There

ADD VALUE in groups, fan pages, and active threads. Answer questions. Cheer people on. JOIN the conversations.  If you’re in a lot of groups, pick 2 or 3 to really focus on, so you don’t get overwhelmed.  Make sure the groups you choose actually contain your target market and people you would enjoy talking to.

Tip #4 – Keep it Cool

Friend request and follow people you’d like to chat with and start a conversation. BE AUTHENTIC. As you discover their pain points, offer ways to help them, even when it doesn’t benefit you. Posture yourself as a go-to person, so they start to trust you as a good source of information.  This builds the know, like, & trust factor.

Tip #5 – Interact Thoughtfully

DON’T JUST SCROLL & TROLL.  Make sure you’re interacting.

When someone does a live, comment on it and show it some love by smashing that heart button – don’t be a stalker. This not helps support them and helps them reach more people by making them appear more relevant in FaceBook’s eyes and it also makes you more visible too.

Don’t just like a post & keep scrolling. Make a thoughtful comment.

Tip #6 – Don’t Be a Spammer!

DON’T BE SPAMMY.   People don’t come to FaceBook to buy stuff. They come to socialize and learn things. If you’re posting your products and website all the time and your wall looks like an infomercial, you are turning people off.  If I’ve never met you before and I visit your wall and all I see is products plastered everywhere, I’m going to avoid you like the plague (unless I decide to take a moment to teach you that there are better ways).  If you message me for the first time and immediately share your product link with me before I’ve asked for it, I’m not likely to ever buy from you.  Why?  Because you didn’t even talk to me enough to see if I was in the market for your stuff.  You don’t know my pain points, what problem you can help me solve, or if I’m even a good prospect for you.  Spamming me your link doesn’t help me in any way.

BONUS NINJA TIP: The first thing someone does when you friend request them is stalk your wall. Make sure you have some value and curiosity-building content for them to be intrigued by.

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